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NO Lavish Headquarters
NO Posh Distribution Centers
NO Million Dollar Salaries
NO DEAD Binary Leg
NO Qualification Sponsoring
NO Selfish 1st Level Payouts


NO Lavish Headquarters

Posh HQs ONLY Adds On To What YOU As A Member Has To Pay For Before YOU Get Paid


NO Posh Distribution Centers

Why Should We Force Our Valued Members To Carry The Recurring Monthly Added Expense Of Brick & Mortar Distribution Centers... It's NOT Fair


NO Million Dollar Salaries

No One In TENmlm's Network Are Paid Salaries Since The 2 Companies Behind TENmlm Have All The Staff Needed On Payroll Already


NO DEAD Binary Leg

Network Marketing Companies USE The Binary Compensation Model Because They Know Most Will FAIL Earning Money Worth Writing Home About Thus THEY Can Fill Their Coffers Faster


TENmlm Uses A Forced Matrix Because It PAYS Our Valued Distributors And Because We Chose To Be UNSELFISH We Are Paying Out MORE Than Half Already In Your First Level


NO Qualification Sponsoring

TENmlm Doesn't Force You To Tell Your Friends Or Beg Your Loved Ones To Join So YOU Can Qualify For Commissions ... These Days Are Gone


You Join & You're Automatically QUALIFIED


Obviously We're Counting On You Not Being Able To Keep Your Mouth Shut Thus WANTING To Spread The Word About How Different TENmlm Are Compared To All The Other MLMs


NO Selfish 1st Level Payouts

"Competing" Network Marketing Companies Feel It's Fine To Offer Their Distributors First Level 20-25% Even As Low As 8% Commission...


TENmlm Fights GREED Offering You +50% First Level Commissions. Yes, MORE Than Half :-)








Headquarters Paid For Already
NO Distribution Centers
Existing Businesses Pay Salaries
Forced 5x6 Matrix
Immediately Qualified To Earn
Earn +50% Already 1st Level
NO Binary Compensation Plan


Headquarters Paid For Already

Our Existing Businesses Already Pays The HQs Needed So WHY Should You Bear Any Expense?


NO Distribution Centers At All

No Need To Let Our Valued Members Carry The Recurring Monthly Added Expense Of Brick & Mortar Distribution Centers ... This Is ONLINE BUSINESS Baby :-)


Existing Businesses Pay Salaries

We'll Bear The Expenses So YOU Don't Have To


Forced 5x6 Matrix

Forced Means That There Will Be NO Empty Positions Under You; Paying Out Nothing

Once The Position Is Filled Stays Filled AND Keeps Paying Out Monthly Commissions


Level 1: Each Of Your 5 Members Pay You +50% In Monthly Recurring Commissions

Level 2: Each Of Your 25 Members Pay You +4% In Monthly Recurring Commissions

Level 3: Each Of Your 125 Members Pay +6% In Monthly Recurring Commissions

Level 4: Each Of Your 625 Members Pay +6% In Monthly Recurring Commissions

Level 5: Each Of Your 3125 Members Pay You +4% In Monthly Recurring Commissions

Level 6: Each Of Your 15625 Members Pay You +10% In Monthly Recurring Commissions


When Your Matrix Is Full YOU Earn: $86,800 EVERY Month



1) 1st Level +50% Commission For Each Of Your 5 Members. Just 2 And YOU Are In Profit :-)

2) Total Monthly Member Commissions PAY OUT Is +80% (NO ONE else pays out this much!)

3) YES, We're Making Millionaires.! $86,800 x 12 Months = $1,041,600.00/year


Immediately Qualified To Earn

Since We WANT You To Make Money We Do NOT Demand That You Personally Refer Minimum 2 Members Before You Can Earn Your First Dollar - Join & Earn - Simple As That. Period :-)


Earn +50% Already 1st Level



Internet Marketing Affiliates Are Paid 50% For Sending Traffic To A Monthly Recurring Membership Site – IF You Offer Your IM Affiliates Less - They Simply Won't Work...

The ONLY Reason You As A MLMer Have To Settle For LESS Than 50% Is Because No One Has Been Willing To Unselfishly Compensate You Better Until NOW!



We're Dead Set On Fighting GREED In Network Marketing


TENmlm Is Setting New Industry Standards And Even Goes Above & Beyond 50%


TENmlm Compensates You MORE Than Half Already In Your First Level - Every Month


THAT Means All You Need To Be Profitable EVERY Month Is Just 2 Persons In Your Downline


TENmlm Pays Out A MASSIVE +50% Fast Start Bonus On All Personal Sponsored Distributors...


AND In Your First Level TENmlm Also Pays Out MORE Than Half In Monthly Residuals

With TENmlm It Takes JUST 2 And You're Already In PROFIT :-)


I Hear YOU Ask Yourself But ... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE ??


NO Binary Is Why

TENmlm Is NOT Using The Popular Binary Compensation Model That GREEDY Companies Use Selling You A Power Leg But Totally Neglects To Also Tell You About The Dead-As-A-Doornail 2nd Leg That You YORSELF Have To Fill Up Before You See Any Money... More Often Than Not You will FAIL - The Truth HURTS But It's A Known Fact And GREEDY Companies COUNT On You Failing - You FAIL So THEY Can Pocket More Cash - It's As Simple As That


TENmlm Uses A 5 By 6 Forced Matrix


5 Positions Wide Earning You A Grand Total Of More Than 250% In Monthly Recurring Commissions Already In Your First Level And Then Goes Down 6 Levels Deep








Built By Internet Marketers

For Internet Marketers, MLMere, Multi Level Marketers, Networkers, & All The Disillusioned Hopefuls Who NEVER Have Had A Real Chance Of Anything But Dreaming About Online Riches


The PERFECT Marriage

Isn't It About TIME That MLM / Network Marketing Evolves To The NEXT Level? TENmlm Believes That So We Married A Successful Brick & Mortar Real Estate Company And A Successful Internet Marketing Company With A Combined Experience Of 22 Years


Why Settle For LESS

Why SHOULD MLMers Settle For Less Than Internet Marketing Affiliates? We Feel +50% Commission In Your First Level Is A FULLY DESERVED REWARD For Your Hard Work Even Though All "Competing" MLM Companies Compensate Their Members A Whole Lot LESS


YOUR Success

TENmlm Was Built To Finally Let YOU See Financial Success - The Two Successful Companies Behind TENmlm Does Not NEED More Profit, We Just WANT More Profit & Are Happy With Measly 10% Since YOU Deserve To Feel The Difference Between UNSELFISH & GREED


OUR Pledge

All Proceeds Are Put Back Into TENmlm For At Least 1 Full Year To Insure The Long Term Success Of Our Primary Mission - FIGHTING MLM GREED







Early Adaptors Get The Following FAIR Advantages:


1) Getting IN At Absolute Ground Floor Level, Right At The Top With The Quickest Possible Earning Potential Simply Because A Forced Matrix Is Built That Way - It Forces Spillover Whether Your Sponsor Wants That Or Not & It Continues To Spillover Also 15 Years From Now


2) Joining At The Lowest Ever Franchise Fee $249 Which Will Increase To $899 - It's NOT A Sales Gimmick. JayKay Bak Is Known For Raising The Fee Of Admission And Has Done So Five Times Over At

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