Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I sign up with ?

1. Sign up for your FREE Payza account here:

Get your FREE account with Payza

With a Personal Account You Can 

- Receive Commissions from TEN Network Marketing
- Send Money
- Shop Online
- Exchange Currency
- Withdraw Money
- Etc.

2. Log into your Payza account.

3. Select "Add Funds" in the top menu.

Depending on your country of residence you will have a list of available funding sources including:

- VISA Credit Card 
- MasterCard Credit Card
- Bank Account 
- PaySafeCard 
- Flexepin 
- Exchanger 
- Cryptocurrency Trader (BitCoin)

To do a bank transfer, please follow this instruction:

a) Click "Bank Account"
b) Enter your transaction details, then click "Next"
c) Review your details (make sure all information is correct), then confirm
d) Print out your transaction summary; it has the Deposit Code you need to make your bank wire
e) Visit your bank* and ask for a bank wire from your bank account to Payza's bank account; give them your print out AND your deposit code
f) Remember, once you have 2 paying members in your downline, it is FREE to be a member, but until then, you need to pay your monthly $49 membership fee. Hence it is a good idea to fund your account with at least 2 months' membership fees (2 x $49 = $98) Usually you should be able to find the first 2 people for your downline within the first 2 months.

*Or make your bank wire request using your bank's online Internet banking or by telephone banking, if available.

You MUST provide your Deposit Code for this transaction. If you need to find it again, click on the reference number for this bank wire transaction in the "History" section of your Payza account. To know Payza's fee for bank wire deposits, please see our Fees page:

Please note that banking transactions, especially international ones, can be facilitated by multiple financial institutions. For this reason, there could be additional fees charged by these intermediary institutions.

4. Visit and click the Register button at the top of the page.

5. You will then be asked for your username.

This username will be your replicated website name:

6. Fill in the rest of the info and click the button Sign Me Up.

7. Then click the Payza Member button for paying for the registration.

And there you go.


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2. Do I need a Payza account to sign up with you?

Yes, you do need to be a member of Payza, so you can use the Payza payment gateway to pay us unless your country of residence are among these countries

It is to your advantage to sign up with Payza, because you will then be able to pay us with different funding sources.

Also having a Payza account means you will be able to receive your earned commission from us straight away into your Payza account, from where you can withdraw them easily.

Please click this link to apply for a Payza account before you sign up with us! Get your FREE account with Payza

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3. How do you pay commission to me?

We will pay your commission to you via
Easy and hassle free.

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4. What username do I chose?

You can chose any username you like.
Just have in mind it should not be too long, since this will also be your referral link to your replicated website:
Create a username that is unique to you and tells people who you are and what your business is about.
Avoid numbers and special characters.

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5. What is the price to participate in this?

For a limited introduction period the setup charge is F*R*E*E (Normal price is US$899!) and the monthly membership fee is US$49.
Total first payment is then US$49 and the following months are charged US$49 per month.

Normal rates are as follows:

The setup charge is US$810 and the monthly membership fee is US$89.
Total first payment is then US$899 and the following months are charged US$89 per month.

We reserve the right to revert to normal prices without notice.

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6. What payment plan / compensation plan are you operating with?

Our compensation plan is a Forced Matrix, 5 wide and 6 levels deep.

TEN Compensation Plan Forced Matrix 5x6

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7. What is Fast Start Bonus?

Fast Start Bonus is a Bonus we pay for each person you sponsor into your downline, to get you started fast with TEN Network Marketing, so you literally can start earning money from day 1!

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8. How much is the Fast Start Bonus?

The Fast Start Bonus is US$25 - which is more than 50%

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9. How many people do I need to sponsor to break even?

You only need to sponsor 2 people to break even!
2 new members needed only and you are in profit every single month for the future!

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10. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer you a 30 days money-back-guarantee without any questions asked!

Email us at with subject line "I want a refund" within your first 30 days membership.

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11. Do you have phone support?

No we do not have phone support due to our experience that phone support is not a good way to support members.

Our experience is that phone support causes too many misunderstandings due to misinterpretation, bad sound/connection and some member´s hearing disabilities.

Not to mention that people tend to forget easily what they heard via the phone, but they remember much more when instructions are written down and you can go back and read it again to fresh up your memory.

Hence our experience have told us that written support is far the best option so that is what we offer.

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12. How do I contact support?

You can always reach support at

Or in your back office at your Dashboard, you click the icon FEEDBACK.

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13. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

At sign-in page, click at the text Did you forget your password?

You will then be asked for your username and email address.

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14. Do I have to pay income tax?

You are responsible paying your own tax when earning commission from TEN Network Marketing.
Contact your local tax department for further information.

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15. How do I upload my personal photo?

Log into your account.

Click Update Profile.

Scroll down to:
User Picture (optional)
Maximum in 100x110 pixels and gif, jpg, png image format only.

Chose file... and then click Update Account.

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16. What does the term Frontline mean?

Your frontline consists of all members on your level 1 of your downline.

We operate with a maximum witdh of 5, so you can only have 5 members in your frontline.

However, a member may sometimes choose to assign a new recruit to someone else's downline.

Under these circumstances the new recruit may be personally sponsored by one member but frontline to another.

In our fixed width Matrix plan, personally sponsored members will be automatically placed (spilled) to the first open position in the organization.

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17. Can my wife and I have two memberships?

Yes you can, no problems.
You can create 2 or more memberships / usernames under one household with the same email address (if needed).

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18. Can I sponsor in foreign countries?

Yes, you can sponsor any people worldwide.
No matter where people live, they can make money with us.

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19. Can I sign up by fax or email?

No you cannot, you can only sign up via our website.

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20. Do you pay commissions on marketing aids?

No we do not, because ALL our marketing aids is absolutely 100% free for our members to use.

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21. Are there any trade organizations for the industry?

Yes, we are member of International Association of Direct Selling Companies www. 

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22. Which is more important: sponsoring or selling?

They are both important.
An army of distributors that sells nothing will produce no commissions.

On the other hand, sponsoring is very important in a business where 90 percent of the distributors are part-time and productivity per distributor is relatively low.

A balance is the key.

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23. How many people are engaged in network marketing worldwide?

As we write 2017 there are more than 100 million people engaged in network marketing, and this is expected to increase to 200 millon within 10 years.

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24. What is the difference between MLM and a Pyramid Scheme?

In short, pyramid schemes does not have products for sale, but members merely earn commission by recruiting other members, and hence never earn commission from any product sales.

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25. Can anyone really succeed in MLM?

Yes, they can, providing they meet the conditions on which that level of success depends.
This is what separates the winners from the losers in any area of life, not just MLM.

The difference in MLM is that those conditions are achievable by anyone willing to create a clear vision for themselves, then invest the time, effort and discipline needed to realise that vision.

It requires some basic knowledge, attitudes and skills. It does NOT require any particular gifts or talents, although these can help speed up the rate of success.

The secret of success in MLM is leverage — the extent to which you can duplicate your achievements through sponsoring, training and supporting others to do what you do.

You can get our F*R*E*E eBook HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS by signing up here:

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26. What are the best kinds of products for MLM?

Products that does not need any storage space and shipping costs.

In other words: digital products or memberships you need to purchase or renew on a regular basis and can access directly from your home with a few clicks of your mouse.

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27. Do I need to sponsor/recruit to succeed in MLM?

You can make some money and save some money in MLM. But, if you really want to take advantage of the unique leverage offered by MLM, you need to sponsor/recruit.

Sponsoring increases the amount of product flowing through your MLM business, exponentially. And it boosts your rewards exponentially, too. It reduces the amount of time and effort required.

Best of all though — and you should never, ever lose sight of this reality — it gives you the opportunity to help other people become successful, financially independent, confident, and provides you with a large group of people, who share your own values, with whom to enjoy the journey and share the rewards.

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28. Do I need to sell to succeed in MLM?

NO! We do the selling for you!

All you need to do is to recommend your business to your contacts and create traffic to your website... we take care of the rest!

Salesmen actually don’t do very well in network marketing because it’s all about becoming a leader and helping others sincerely using the network marketing business model.

Salesmen who are too aggressive and only are in it to make lots of money usually fail miserably.

It’s all about connecting with people on a genuine level and truly wanting to help others before helping yourself.

If you’re sincere and have a great story that can resonate with others, then you will be great.

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29. Is MLM legal?

Unless a particular country has laws that prohibit direct selling, MLM is usually perfectly legal.

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30. Is MLM ethical?

The answer is yes — depending on your motives and methods (why and how you do it). The principles on which MLM is based are completely ethical.

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31. Do you need a college degree?

No. The beautiful aspect of MLM is that it allows average people the ability to earn extraordinary income. There’s no requirement for any education level. You simply need to be over 18 years of age.

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32. Are there any special requirements?

The only requirement is that you are willing to learn on a continual basis and learn perseverance. This is a real business and should be treated like a real profession.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a life change. Network marketing rewards those who turn this opportunity into their lifelong mission to empower as many people as people, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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33. Do I need a Business License?

No. You only need to become an active distributor to be an “Independent Business Owner.”

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34. Do I need an office?

No. TEN Network Marketing operates in the “cloud,” meaning we are run using the internet.

When you become a distributor, you are given your own personalized website and “Lead capture pages” to promote your business.

It is up to you how you want to promote your business, but you don’t need a physical office. You can promote your links using flyers, social media, videos, etc.

Don't worry, we will teach you everything you need to know!

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35. Do I need to hold onto inventory?

No! There is no inventory, our product is digital and shipped automatically to the new member when registering.

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36. Do I need to ship product to my customers?

No! We take care of this automatically once your new member signs up.

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37. How do I make money with you?

You will make money with us in several ways:

  1. When we sell a property to your client, you get 1% commission of the sales price.
  2. When you sponsor a new member to your downline, you get US$125 commission, which is more than 50%
  3. When someone in your downline sponsor a new member, you get commission depending on the level of the sponsor.
  4. You get bonus of US$100 every time you've sponsored 5 new members.
  5. You get the chance every month to win our Lucky 100 Draw worth US$100.
  6. You get the chance several times per year to win our Lucky Thailand Vacation Draw valued at US$10,000.
  7. Joining our 100% F*R*E*E TEN Coaching program you will learn how to make money "on the side" from people who does not even sign up in your downline!

Network marketing, also known as “word of mouth” marketing, is exactly what it sounds like: spreading the word about a product of service that you love through networking with people.

It’s important to use and love your network marketing product and services so that you can be sincere in recommending them to a variety of people.

You make money in MLM by the volume of product that you move. You will make ten times the money if you have a 100 customers than you would if you only had 10 customers.

You earn more money by getting distributors on your team rather than customers, but customers are an important aspect in building a solid organization as well. You will invariably have more customers than distributors on your team, which is common.

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38. How do I cancel my membership?

Inform your payment provider not to pay next month's membership fee. Or cancel the current recurring payment to us.

Then you will be automatically removed from TEN Network Marketing.

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39. Do I need to employ staff?

No. You can work by yourself from the comfort of your own home, part-time of full-time as you see fit.

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40. Do I need a work permit for Thailand?

No you do not.

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41. How is MLM better than other Traditional Businesses?

MLM has certain advantages over traditional businesses, such as low risk and very minimal overhead.
With Traditional Business, you usually need to pay for a lease, merchandise, equipment and hire a staff. This adds up to a high overhead and there’s a 90% failure rate within 5 years of a small business starting up.

Network marketing is only $50 to $150 a month, there’s no inventory or employees to worry about and you can cancel anytime.

Network marketing also has a residual, passive income component which allows distributors to make passive income every month without doing any extra work. Not many, if any, Traditional businesses offer passive, residual income.

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42. What’s the difference between MLM, Network Marketing, and Direct Selling?

These terms all mean the same thing. MLM stands for “Multi-Level Marketing.”

Direct Selling means product goes directly from the distributor to the customer or another distributor without the middleman.

That’s why distributors can earn great money. There’s not a lot of overhead in network marketing, that’s why many companies are switching to this type of business model. There’s thousands of network marketing companies in the world due to this efficiency.

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43. Do I have to bug family and friends?

Although many network marketing leaders suggest starting with your “warm market,” also known as friends and family first, it’s not mandatory.

Warm Market is easier to start with because friends and family usually are open to your offer more than strangers because they love and support you.

But, on the other hand, friends and family are worse because they love and support you! If they reject your offer because they are “looking out for you” you could become more easily crushed and this could derail you.

It is possible to do this business all on the internet and solely work with strangers, also known as the “Cold Market.”

It is entirely up to you what you prefer.

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