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9 Jan 2018 (9 Jan 2018)

2. 2018 Social Media Marketing

2018 Social Media Marketing

Do you consider rethinking your social media strategy for 2018? 

Some marketing managers prefer Facebook, some prefer Twitter and yet others prefer YouTube.

But what does the trend says about 2018?

We did some research and had a look here including infographic by Filmora in the bottom of this page.

1) Video is a the way to go.
Most global traffic will be attributed to video by 2020.

2) People love live streaming.
Facebook Live Videos are watched 3 times longer than regular videos. 
Live streaming itself is expected to become a $100 billion industry in a couple of years.

3) The rise of short-lived content.
Short-lived content ia also called ephemeral content that can be found on social media for a very short period of time.
Wow! Who in his right mind would even consider investing in content that will disappear within a few hours? Well... think again!

4) AR is on the rise.
Since about 2013, Augmented Reality has been gaining more and more traction, especially with social media platforms like SnapChat and Facebook adopting it.

5) Artificial Inteligence & Chatbots are everywhere.
The prediction is that by 2018 up to 30% of all chat conversations will be with chatbots. 
Most of them can be used to provide 24/7 customer support.

6) The young generation.
People aged between 6 and 23 are spending more time online than anyone else.

7) Social Media Influencer marketing.
Also called Influence Marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel outperforming organic search, email and digital advertising. 
In fact more than 90% of marketers who invested in Influence Marketing said it was effective.
This is also the reason why Multi Level Marketing is on the rise. If you can influence people, you can build a huge business!

8) Mobile content.
The number of smartphone users is growing year after year and is expected to total 2480.4 million in 2018. The only social media which people access via desktop more often than via mobile is

9) Private messaging.
Also called “Dark social”. It is messaging via Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Wechat, email, etc.  Their global market share has reached 69% and brands are increasingly taking part in social

Catch up with more social media marketing stats in the infographic below:

9 Jan 2018 (9 Jan 2018)

3. The Real Power Of Network Marketing!

Do you want to know why MLM Network Marketing really works?

Read on.

Let's take an example.


Imagine that you are speeking to 1000 people and you ask them:

“How many of you have seen a TV commercial for Volvo cars?”

Everyone in your audience raises their hands… Volvo spends fortunes on TV commercials… trying their best to sell their cars.

Then you ask:

“So how many of you own a Volvo?”

Only 20 or 30 hands go up.

This is the fact:
TV commercials doesn’t have the personal touch that we have with Network Marketing. The personal touch is missing!
Advertising can give awareness, but people like to buy from recommendation of their friends and connections!

We sare used to advertisements and commercials for products and services every single day, but we don’t value those adverts as much as we value recommendations and promotions from people we already know: Friends, family, colleagues and personal contacts!

This is what makes Network Marketing so powerful and effective!

10 Dec 2017 (10 Dec 2017)

4. How to make your blog look less empty and rank better in Google.

How to make your blog look less empty and rank better in Google.

This is what you should do:

1. You can help yourself and others by posting comments on their blogs so it does not look all “empty”.
You post comments on other people's blogs and they post comments on your blog.
Serious comments, not just “Great post” or “I like this”… be serious and genuine!

When you leave a comment on a blog like mine here or then you can leave the URL for your Blog or website and hence also create backlinks
to your website. Then the owner of the blog, in this case it is me, will return the favor and leave a post on your blog.

You will then get 2 reciprocal links from me, every time I get 1 reciprocal link from your website/blog.

Then imagine we have say 500 or even 5,000 people commenting and linking.
We will get a huge network of blogs and websites and inevitable increase our Google rankings.

2. You can also mention local businesses, hotels, restaurants and other things you like on your blog and place a link to their website or blog.
The owners of these blogs/websites will be glad and return the favor. Send them a message with the link to your comment and ask them politely to return the favor.
Most will do.
Those who do not, don't worry about them. The fact that YOU link to them, will give you a better ranking at Google anyway.

Listing local businesses on your blog  has several benefits:

– you promote locally info to the audience of your own;
– you boost your SEO as this kind of content positively affects your local rankings;
– you are building personal connections with other local businesses and showing them you’re open to referral opportunities;
– You can start building your relationships with local companies and your referral database will grow.

A blog post containing 200 to 500 words will be okay.

A) Tell a story about the business.
B) Include a link to the business website or blog.
C) Include a link to a related article on your blog.
D) Use key words and key phrases that describes both the business you write about and your own business.
E) Forward an email to the business with a link to the article on your blog, and ask the business owner to return your favor (eventually you can link him this article, explaining the idea.)

3. Promote special deals.

Spread your blog link to your audience using social media and email campaigns about daily or weekly special deals local businesses are offering.
People are always interested in hot deals and this strategy can also help you increase awareness of your business and traffic to your blog / website.

4. If you are managing your own blog, you know all too well that producing content is somewhat a bit challenging, isn’t it?

But if you could partner with other people and create blog posts relevant to both of your businesses, these posts will rank really high in Google.
It will also create new referral opportunities for you.

For example, you can partner up with a network marketeer, a lawyer, an accountant or an affiliate marketeer, share posts with them telling about the need of getting new clients, new members
in your downline or traffic to your websites. 
This content will do some passive prospecting for you online and will get you ranked higher in Google.

Your content does not need to be 3,000 words, but an article around 200 – 500 words will do fine.

A) Create a list of 20 to 40 preferred businesses with a blog. (Start with the first 5)
B) Write a blog post that addresses your audience’ needs from various perspectives.
C) Use key words and key phrases that describes both the business you write for and your own business.
D) Link to one of the business’ previous blog articles.
E) Link to your own business / blog.

Let's go out there and get 'em, shall we?

12 Sep 2017 (12 Sep 2017)

5. The Highway To Success Is Hard Work

The Highway To Success Is Hard Work!

Success is like reaching the top of the Empire State Building using the stairs. 
It is hard work!

Many business owners rely on luck to succeed. Like using the elevators to reach the top of the Empire State Building.

But sometimes the elevator fails and you are left in the middle of nowhere.

The stairs will always bring you to the top!

If you want to succeed, you must work hard and not rely on luck!

You can get this F*R*E*E eBook HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS here:

Come Feel The Difference

23 Aug 2017 (23 Aug 2017)

6. How To Build a Strong Online Community - It's Not Always About the NumbersĀ 

How To Build a Strong Online Community - It's Not Always About the Numbers 

A strong online community is not just about numbers. It's also about how people engage with your business or brand and the ways they do it. 

Make the most of your blog

Your starting point should be your website and/or blog. Yes, we know it is tough to come up with great content consistently, but it is the only way to prove what you know and that you are worth doing business with.

In addition, if you have a WordPress blog, you can use it to build community through the plugins and themes available. Creating a discussion board or forum, inviting guest bloggers, getting comments, and actively asking for endorsements and testimonials are all signals that you are a thought leader in your niche.


Offering free special reports or ecourses as an incentive to register for your email-marketing list also creates community, rather than visitors who come once for a few seconds and never return. The repeat visitors are the ones who will form your community over time. Using the plugins that allow people to share content on the social networks will also build a strong online community that will create all new opportunities for your business.

Connecting with niche leaders

We are often judged by the company we keep. Being seen at the same sites as other "thought leaders" in your niche is always a good idea. Even better, this can create the opportunity for new product creation and joint venture (JV) partnerships. For example, you can interview each other online and publish or sell the resulting product to build brand and/or make more money. 

In a JV, you would email each other’s lists with a special offer. Anyone who signs up from their list would be your customer and possibly listed as your affiliate. Even if their list has 5,000 people and you have only 1,000 people, you can offer to mail 5 of their offers during a specific time. JVs then split the profits 50/50 or each gets a special affiliate link. This allows you both to profit from more exposure and/or sales to people interested in your niche.

Social network profiles

If you have not already taken the trouble to build a full, robust profile at each of the major social networks, put this at the top of your marketing list. Social search, that is, search within a network, is rapidly overtaking search through search engines like Google. You can only build community if people can find you. They will only want to join your community if they see things on offer that interest them, products, services, information, and eye-catching content.

Making the most of groups

One key aspect of top social media sites is whether or not they have groups you can join in order to connect with your targeted audience and like-minded people. Facebook and LinkedIn are examples of social media sites that have popular and active groups, where you can connect with prominent influencers in your niche and position you as an authority. 

Other groups you may want to consider include active Pinterest boards that allow guest pinners. This will mean more of your pins are shown around the clock, not just the times you pin. Don’t forget Yahoo groups and Google+ circles. Both of these can also help you build a strong online community related to your niche.

Be helpful, not pushy

Finally, the best way to build a community is to participate in communities. Join groups, participate, share, and don’t just try to push all of your products for sale. Social media is all about connection and community. 

If you've wondered how to build a strong online community, try these tips to start a strong community or even fine-tune your existing community. It's never too late to get your group or community on the right path. 

30 Jul 2017 (30 Jul 2017)

7. Some people are frustrated because of the lack of their online success.

Some people are frustrated because of the lack of their online success.
How about you?

Are you frustrated because you have worked very hard to earn a few bucks online, but don't have much to show for it?

Are you kind of frustrated because every time you buy another training that promises some new "secret" that it is really just some teaching with a new angle to it - but nothing really new?

Are'nt you living the financial life you desire?

If not, let me ask you this: "why not?"

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21 Jul 2017 (21 Jul 2017)

8. Great Network Marketing eBooks

For you and your downline... Big Al and his son write some great books...
This one if for free:
"Why You Need To Start Network Marketing"...
Go and get it...including 2 audios!

Please note, we are not affiliated with Big Al,
we simply recommend his books because they are awesome.

13 Mar 2017 (13 Mar 2017)

9. We launch TENmlm In July 2017

We are now only months away from launching our new website!

13 Mar 2017 (13 Mar 2017)