Here We Will Show TENmlm Testimonials Once We Have FIRED UP On All Cylinders.


Tristan Gerber, January 2nd, 2018:

Hello, my name is Tristan Gerber from Germany.

I have already filled my first level with 5 members and I also got 1 free spillover member from the system.

For years I had crawled the internet to find something similar to TEN Network Marketing.

Here I can earn money every month without the need of purchasing xyz products I do not need.

I simply send traffic to my website:

I also promote my real estate website, and got paid  $307 commission from the sale of a small studio condo in December 2017:

I will stay a member till the end of my days and I can only recommend the team behind this great business.


Steve Turnbull, January 2nd, 2018

Hi there.

This is Steve.
After my traffic accident I'm bound to my wheelchair so I like to work and earn some money online.

I don't like to talk to people, that is why I am a member of tenmlm:

I am a slow learner, so I have not yet found any members, but I already got 1 free member from the system that paid me $125 cash and every month I also get $25.

I will be ready to find new members very soon and then I will also promote my property link:

If someone buy a property via my link, I get paid 1% of the sales price. 

I love this and I am happy to write this testimonial, so people can see this is a genuine opportunity.


Also please view Testimonials From Our +10 Years Real Estate Division Of Our Business:


"Dear Kristian and Kanidtha,
Both myself and Jessica would like to thank you and TEN for helping make our dreams
come true with the purchase of our beautiful new home in Krabi - Your assistance, patience
and kindness have helped us enormously in the minefield of property purchase in Thailand…
Without you we would not be living in this fantastic country right now.
It goes without saying that I would strongly recommend you and your company to any prospective
buyers and would gladly give you glowing references.
We look forward to doing business with you again in the near future with the purchase of another
property......This time for a rental return!"


"I can only recommend Kristian and Kanidtha and their company TEN. I have known and
done business with them since 2008, and they are very honest, reliable and trustworthy
in anything they do."


"Thanks to Kristian and Kanidtha Olsen and their team for selling our property.
We appreciate the commitment to finding the correct buyer and keeping us well informed
throughout the process. 
We will also be listing our next property with TEN."


"Thanks to TEN for sourcing my dream property.
With your assistance I managed to find the beachfront land of my dreams.
Excellent service and highly recommended!"


"Finally we found a trustworthy company!
We have been disappointed by countless companies until we got in contact with TEN.
Kristian and Kanidtha are very efficient and do a great job explaining everything in plain
words, so we understand everything before purchasing our dream condo in Khanom.
We can nothing but recommend TEN!"


Read Here Our Testimonials From Our +10 Years Internet Marketing Division Of Our Business:

Kismet Kier
March 19, 2017


Hi Jay Kay,
Thank you very much for the great stuff you are sending out to we lucky, lucky, people.
JK:(You asked)
"Have You:
Watched All The Videos?
Implemented What You Learned?
Made Your First $100 Day Already?
K. (answers)
Yes, I have been watching ALL of the videos.  I have even bought your latest set on rebranding PLR. This way, once I'm ready,
I'll be able to create my own products to add with my pending purchases from your ever famous magic vault.  That's right, poor ole meee.
Yes, I am implementing what I've been learning.
No, I have not made my first $100 in a day as yet (but that's only because I am saving ALL my learning so that when I'm ready,  
I shall make $200 a day instead. :)!
I have therefore congratulated myself in advance. :)!
Seriously though, Jay Kay; I'm truly grateful for all of your Internet education and the freebies.  This is the longest period that I have
stayed on the net.  In the past, I'd play about for a day or two -- and even for a whole week once.  I would buy stuff and just give up
trying to use them.  In fact, I found UM in an ebook I bought some time ago now, on PLR products. I would be just searching, without
knowing EXACTLY what I were looking to find.  It is luckily for me this time that, you my friend, knows exactly what newbies REALLY need.
Now, brimming with exuberance thanks to you, I started building my first WordPress website last week.  However, it's all guess work for
me at the moment.  I have already learnt to add pages and posts. When I learn how to change Themes, I shall let you have a glance.  
I am timing its arrival on the world stage (I mean the World-Wide-Web) for the start of my seventh week with UM.  That woud be the week
after I complete your brilliant six weeks training programme.  Heck, I'm good now.  I mean, really, really, good.  In fact, I'm so good,
I even know what WWW stands for now. :)!
Pat yourself on the back Jay Kay:
Warm regards
P.S: You'll eventually have to get me an affiliate link for UM.  This way I can lead people straight to your door.  Thus saving them years of torment,
misery and money; only to then give up on the Internet in disgust.  They'll need to find you before they get sucked in by those fake, heartless, so called gurus. :)!

Ina Bliss

Thank you, Mr. Bak, 

for adding so many interesting and useful things to my horizon. 

Before I found you, yesterday, 
I signed up for nearly 10 (!) other PLR services during the past 2 weeks, some free, some for a trial dollar-
only to say "no" and actually cancel these trials. (Only one of them was worth a second look, but when
downloading GBs of his stuff, I found many dead links, inaccessible .zip files and obsolete references-
in spite of some added services.) 

None can compare. And the extended research effort finally brought me the prize:
your offer, as you are clearly in charge of your business!

Best wishes for your continued success.-- Ina Bliss

Pal Paricsy

Dear JayKay,

If your Support Service would be able to solve issues generally in the life of the private people so carefully
as you do it in marketing questions, your support site would be 'bombed' by millions of requests per day. 

Pal Paricsy

David Forster

I'm sorry for the hassle this has caused you Jay Kay. As usual, you are the ROCK STAR of Internet Information!
There is absolutely NO ONE that I have ever found that can even come close to you and the GREAT service you
give all your subscribers. Your unselfishness is the hallmark of The UnselfishMarketer.  Your wannabe competition
hates how much you do for your subscribers because they know they can't compete with you.  

Thank you for your consideration and your always prompt reply.   You always go the extra TEN miles for your
Again, thank you!

David Forster

Bill Thomas

JayKay - Great News, I'm In! I'm Just Watching the Training Videos, and They Look Fabulous.

You know, every time I think you have given us UMERs the very best products and services, you raise the bar even
higher, and give us something that's even better!

I'm not complaining but my words are not fully, totally or completely complimenting you as much as my writing skills
are able to express my thoughts and impressions 

- so, let me say this: "Your Vault Is Still The Very Best, Most Unselfish, Highest Value Membership Site(s) In
The Whole-Wide World!"

Thanks for all you do.

Bill Thomas

Jonathan Thompson

Dear JayKay,

No problems, no issues, nothing more than to say that "Unselfish" is an understatement. You are so much more than that.
I know that I should have done more by now with everything you provide in the VAULT, however, I'm still on government
disability so my income is VERY limited. What you provide for me with my VAULT membership at the price I pay each month
is beyond "unselfish". Just saying thank you is not near enough...but thank you, so much thank you...for your generosity and
help as well as your patience with my problems through the years. GOD bless you sir.

Jonathan Thompson

Jim Davis

Thanks for all you continue to do for your members and partners.

You are practicing what Sir Winston Churchill said, several years ago:

"You make a living by what you earn. You make a life by what you give."

Blessings to you and your family, with abundant good health and a very long life ahead...

Jim Davis
Riverview, New Brunswick Canada


P.S. I love your vault!
Since I join your membership I cancelled all my subscription with other marketers. Because everything that I need  to become
a successful marketer are here. By the way I am a newbie.

Keep up the good work! I am enjoying your cup of tea!!!!!

Iñaki Rocha

Oh BTW JayKay,

It's really blessing that I joined UM. I'm a newbie to IM and found out that most 'gurus' out there are just selling stuff from the Vault,
with their personal twist. I'm not gonna buy from them again.

You should get a Nobel Prize in the IM category if there is one. The value you provide is waaaaayyyy too much for the price you charge.
I'll always be a fan.

Again, thanks so much. May all your dreams come true.

Iñaki Rocha


BTW I am blown away be the amount of services/products that come with my membership, I had no idea there was so much to come!


Jim Davis

I have been online for a few years struggling to make a few extra dollars without much success. I was spending an average of $5000
plus per year purchasing every great looking product, videos, training, seminar etc, that the Guru's or "experts were promoting.
I have very little in the form of income to show for it.

In all honesty and sincerity, Your program is the most honest and practical program that I have found to date.
My problem is I am not utilizing the wonderful information you so generously provide for your members every month. 

Jim Davis

George Shepherd

I launched my first IM site with your squeeze page HTML templates back in 2008 on SqueezePages.com.
Your UM Vault has been the most valuable resource to me in my online business as a member since 2008! -
You can use that quote.

George Shepherd